When Light Dragoons looked like British light Cavalry, before they began to ape their French counterparts with plastron fronted coatees and shakos! Just some fun that has been lurking in the lead pile for some time.
Painted up as 11th Light Dragoons. Some liberties taken with the uniform…. the turban on the helmet should, by this date, be black rather than in the facing colour. It adds, however, some lightness to the overall appearance. I have an officer on the table as I type.

After some struggles trying to find the right uniforms, I settled on the the version as shown. It’s not clear exactly when the helmet turban stopped being in the facing colour and became blue, similarly the shabraque, I went for the conversion being before the period. Similarly, the colour of the trumpeters coat was unclear, I opted for reversed colours because it looks better.

Thanks to Bob for the loan of the Grant books