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“The British Army has been ordered to take an extended 25-day Christmas holiday or work from home’ in an attempt to cut its gas and electricity bills 1 ,” reports a British newspaper . This reminds me of George Marshall as a Depression-era garrison commander encouraging his married troops to take time to plant vegetables . Not so, Joe, responds the Ministry of Defence’s blog 2 . “To suggest the Christmas leave plan is a cost-cutting measure is not true .

In recognition of the exceptionally busy year the Army has had, both on operations and at home — including vital support to the London 2012 Olympics, fuel tanker drivers’ strike and the Diamond Jubilee — the usual Christmas leave period has been extended . Personnel who are essential to supporting operations will remain on task regardless of this leave period and there will be no impact on the mission in Afghanistan.” From that blog, I also learned that the Welsh regiment has a “goat major.” 3 That is different, apparently, from aging majors who are old goats . Also, if you believe the Daily Mail 4 (and you may well not) someone stole a pony 5 from the British armed forces .

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Yesterday saw the Army Air Corps Lynx leave HMS OCEAN after their role protecting the City during the Olympic Games. The Lynx from 661 Squadron departed back to their home base at Gutersloh Barracks in Germany. News reports state that HMS OCEAN will remain at Greenwich during the Paralympic weeks along with its Royal Navy Lynx.

British Forces News had a report on the web

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Army Lynx leave HMS OCEAN | Ships And Boats In London

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…Read Paul’s latest blog about the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at the Heriot-Watt ISC… The Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in the ISC on the 29 th May, 2012. Before I went for the celebration, I visited the Edinburgh City Centre that morning and only returned to the ISC at 12:02p.m. It was a fun eve …

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Diamond Jubilee Celebration at the ISC

Currently we get little feedback from people reading the blog. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please use the facility below to contact us. At drills on the 11th of June, Crew from Yelverton station where formally presented with their Diamond Jubilee Medal by S.M. Mark O’Kane. All …

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Drills, 11th of June, Diamond Jubilee Medal presentation and BA lecture on station.

http://www.youtube.com/v/GFgMTWHd73Y?version=3&f=videos&app=youtube_gdata Moody stable representative Tony Haydon talks to TVN’s Bruce Clark about Black Caviar’s Royal Ascot preparations ahead of next week’s G1 Diamond Jubilee Stakes

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MEDIA RELEASE 15 June 2012 “The Constitutional Advisory Panel’s engagement document is a good start at creating public discussion about where we are headed as a country. Its focus on the big questions – such as how our values are reflected in our constitution and where we’ll be in 2050 – is great to …

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LONDON, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – The Royal Mint has revealed two Proof quality UK five-ounce coins to celebrate the momentous occasion of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Following on from the success of the Alderney issue five-ounce coins created for the Royal Wedding last year, The Queen’s Diamond …

The Royal Mint Commemorates 60 Years of The Queen’s Reign

Thursday, June 14, 2012 The Bizarre UFO Sighting That Kicked Off Britain’s Flying Saucer Debate When Queen Elizabeth II, who recently celebrated her Diamond Jubilee marking her 60-year reign in Great Britain, took the throne in 1952, another subject was also causing a bit of a buzz on both sides of …

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This is 2 family rooms in Torquay. Need to sell these due to other family commitments. This is a fab hotel which I have stayed in before with the family. Near to the beach. You are getting 2 rooms which can hold up to 4 people in each room. Will confirm details with you once sale has gone through.

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2 Travelodge Family rooms in Torquay for 3-5 June 2012 Diamond Jubilee Bank holiday weekend –

What with all post-Diamond Jubilee and pre-Olympic fever going down right now, the UK is enjoying another slice of Cool Britannia. It’s almost enough to make you want to move there… for about a month, before you head on… Read more..

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Brit-up your iPhone